Booger Boogie Woogie

"Could any sketch turn into something fun?" I say yes.

When we read/listen to illustration interviews, there is often the question, "Do you keep a sketchbook?" Some do, some don't, and I assume both are ok if that works for them. When I was a student at OCADU, my dear thesis mentor Gary Taxali always reminded us of the importance of keeping sketchbooks and encouraged us to keep drawing or making personal work. It's a simple concept but can sometimes be hard to follow through with. At times I wonder if some of my almost mindless, spontaneous sketch could turn into anything more than a random doodling on the corner of my sketchbook.  I recently found out that it could.

A booger eater   
I use public transit to commute throughout the city, and I see plenty of things that are pretty, ugly, and interesting. One day, I saw a booger eater. I just made a quick doodle.

Apparently, some scientists argue that mucophagy (booger eating) can boost your immune system, and if you ask my mom, she'll probably tell you that I've done it plenty of times when I was a tiny human.


I decided to go on and just have fun with it, but that was it. I tossed the paper into my drawer thinking I'd never seen it again for awhile. I actually felt like a jerk for being judgemental towards booger-eaters and boogers themselves. It's not a usual sight to see people eating boogers, but who am I to judge? And those boogers...they are not evil...they are nice folks. 

SAZ (Small Ass Zines)     

2 months later, I was contacted by Ness Lee, a fellow Toronto illustrator. She organizes Small Ass Zines (a.k.a SAZ), a travelling zine show that challenges artists to create a 1"x1.5" zine (thus Small Ass Zines), and this year, SAZ is making its debut in the Tokyo Book Art Fair 2014. I said yes to her gracious invitation and this exciting project, but I've never made anything so tiny. When I was thinking about what I could do with the scale of the project, I realized that I already had something - boogers - but this time, as something fantastic. I gave it the title "Booger Boogie Woogie."

Booger Boogie Woogie is a tiny zine about a total of 137 boogers who are there to tell you how fun and fantastic they are. If you're in Japan, they can meet you at the Tokyo Art Book Fair, and those who are in Toronto, SAZ is coming to Canzine 2014! 

Who knew that a little doodling could turn into such a fun project. Sometimes, treasures are found in the forgotten corners of our sketchbook.
Special thanks to Ness for this fun project!